What is Bull! CAM CHOBi Pro3 is world’s smallest night vision camera

World’s smallest camera with night vision shooting and many other options is here and it measures no more than a small cookie. What is Bull! CAM CHOBi Pro3 is a strange name for a toy movie camera but it does the job of shooting videos and images quite capably even in pitch dark courtesy its night vision features. The night vision camera weights 41 grams, measures just 17mm x 45mm x 28mm and can shoot videos with resolution of 1920×1080 pixels in full HD format while the image shooting capability increases to 4032×3024 pixels.

What Bull! CHOBi CAM Pro3 is a compact camera to fit inside your palm and the body made from full metal won’t crumble under pressure or falls. To make shooting with such a small camera easier, there is a viewfinder that shows the frame orientation. The toy movie camera can shoot 120 minutes of non-stop footage on single charge in .wav format and the microSDHC card slot (capacity up to 32 GB) makes sure you are never short of space for storing all the memories. To charge this cute little camera, you just have to connect it to the USB connecter of your PC (Windows, or Mac) and it will be charged up in less than 3 hours.

What Bull! CHOBi CAM Pro3 can be yours for the price of 4980 yen (USD $53) so head straight over to the purchase portal.

Via: JTT


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