Caesar robot – Bedtime story reciting surrogate granny that’ll put your kids to sleep

A surrogate granny could be soon coming your way as tech students from Brooklyn University Technology have designed a robot called Caesar (abbreviated as, cellularly accessible expressive semi-autonomous robot) that recites bed time stories to your little kids. The whole idea behind this smartphone controlled robot is to make your children hear grannies intoxicating stories even if your kids are not physically present near her. Through an app, grannies voice will be recited and lip synced with that of Caesar robot which has two cameras fitted where the eyes would be and a moving mouth. Caesar can even swivel its head and the eyes relay back the reaction of kids so that granny can know if her stories are being relished or not.

Graduate student Jared Frank, who is 25, is the lead designer of this robot and believes that these kind of robotic applications can go a long way, not only for telling bed time stories but for other things too. The eyes of the robot have been designed by Keith Gildea and according to students the robot can be a receptionist too as it can takes pictures and match them with the online database to greet the visitors.

Via: NYDailyNews



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