Steam Amp Deux is a Steampunk amplifier with unmatched look

Steam Amp Deux

It has been quite a while since we had the sizzling Steampunk amplifier with boiler speaker and it isn’t a surprise that CopperSteam are at it again with the Steam Amp Deux which is a Steampunk amplifier project featuring 60-watt mono tube amplifiers. These mono tube amplifiers are based on the venerable Dynaco MKIII circuit and feature the octal driver circuit upgrade designed by Vacuum Tube Audio. The Steampunk look makes these amplifiers really classy with that vintage look draped in brass and copper but very minimalistically to preserve the original look.

The amp is a true example of what CopperSteam have been craving to provide their users with and Steam Amp Deux is on modern marvel of art that will make even the established manufacturers say the words “Wow, I love that”. So without further delay let’s have a look at some more pictures of the Steam Amp Deux.

Via: CopperSteam



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