BM1 hovercraft golf cart to pep up the sport of golf in a big way

BM1 hovercraft golf cart bubba's hover

We have been accustomed to the four wheeled golf carts for such a long time that a change was desperately needed which complimented the game and made it easy for the golf players to move around easily without leaving any wheel trails. Just like some of the core golfing accessories like 8 Board that will revolutionize the sport of golf. For this very reason Bubba Watson (owner of Pink Golf Clubs) decided to design a Hovercraft Golf Cart that would move through water sand and of course the green grass without any problem. BM1 Hovercraft Golf Cart also known as Bubba’s Hover, is a vehicle designed by Watson in collaboration with Oakley to make the sport of golf more interesting when you are not putting balls and have to move across between the holes. Coming from the mind of 34-year-old winner of the 2012 Masters, this innovative golf cart will surely pep up the sport of golf in a big way.

Chris Fitzgerald president of Neoteric Hovercraft Inc. is the creator of BM1 prototype hovercraft golf cart and says that this vehicle leaves 33 times less footprint pressure compared to the human foot thereby leaving no trace of movement across the green. Although the price of BM1 is not yet known or the probable time by which it will be available for purchase in rich golfing markets like Middle East and Asia, but we can expect it to be a great hit for sure.

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