Odyssey7 and Odyssey7Q monitors double as external recorders

Convergent Design Odyssey7 and Odyssey7Q external recorders

Convergent Design has amazed us with its state-of-the-art devices and gadgets in the past, now to inspire the modern day shooter, the manufacturer has created a high quality monitor, which doubles as an external recorder. Available in two models the Odyssey7 and Odyssey7Q, the OLED monitors will come in cool 7.7-inch 1280×800 pixel capacitive touchscreen display and a wide color range. Offering a contrast ratio of 3400:1 and about 176° viewing angle, the Bluetooth compatible Odyssey monitors include all the nitty-gritty’s of modern monitors like Focus Assist, YRGB Waveform, Histogram, False Color, Vectorscope, Zebras, 1:1 Pixel etc.


Convergent Design Odyssey7

Convergent Design Odyssey7 is a high-tech OLED monitor and external recorder capable of supporting numerous recording formats. Sold as a standalone monitor, the Odyssey7 comes with option upgrades, which the user can make using the Internet. This means the user isn’t uselessly burdened to pay for the features he doesn’t want to use, but the option is always open. Priced at $1295, the Odyssey7 includes HDMI Input and Out and SD/HD/3G-SDI input and output, in both single and dual link configurations. As all the other Convergent Design products we’ve seen, the Odyssey7, scheduled to start shipping in July, is a low power consuming, lightweight device wrapped in a durable magnesium casing.


Convergent Design Odyssey7Q

Convergent Design Odyssey7Q has a similar 7.7-inch display as the Odyssey 7, but unlike the Odyssey7, Odyssey7Q OLED monitor and recorder features two bi-directional SDI’s (2-In, 2-I/O, 2-Out), which make [email protected] possible. Given the extra processing power in the Odyssey7Q it has the option to support extra hi-end functions and will have media options from 240, 480 and amazing 960 GB to choose from. There is no word on the price of 7Q yet, but is Convergent Design is believe, the price will be competitive. The Odyssey7Q is expected to be made available in the Q4 of 2013.

Convergent Design Odyssey7 OLED external recorder



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