BoxWave’s SoundBoost iPad case boosts iPad’s audio sans power

BoxWave SoundBoost iPad case boosts iPad's audio without power

When it comes to features and apps, iPad has maximum of both. But when we talk about sound, iPad doesn’t score much. Enter SoundBoost iPad case from BoxWave, now even your iPad will play audio in more sound than ever before. Compatible with new iPad and iPad mini, the form-fitted durable polyurethane leather case boosts volume output of your iPad without use of electricity or battery. This sound that the iPad deserves is made possible with the integration of new SoundBoost feature embodied into slide-out sound reflector tab in the smart case.

Being a power-free sound booster, the SoundBoost iPad case amplifies iPad’s stereo sound without use of external speakers or power of any type. The iPad features speaker at the back and bottom of the device, which take sound away from the user, however SoundBoost case redirects sound waves from the rear to the front towards the user so that you can enjoy amazing audio while listening to music, watching movies or chit-chatting on FaceTime with friends.

BoxWave SoundBoost iPad case boosts device's sound

How to use:

When you use the iPad to play music or view a movies, you just have to slide-out the built-in sound reflector tab from the back of the case to boost stereo sound instantly.

Features of SoundBoost iPad case

Besides the sound amplifying feature the form-fitted durable polyurethane leather SoundBoost iPad case has a magnetic cover which folds behind to double as a portable viewing stand. Also, the case comes with an elastic strap, which acts as handhold for instant viewing.

SoundBoost iPad case features silicone plugs which keep charging connector and headphone jack sealed from dust.

Specific cutouts have been made on the SoundBoost case, which allow unrestricted access to speakers, power button and camera.

When the iPad is not in use, the SoundBoost case can put the iPad into sleep mode to save battery and powers it back on when opened.


New iPad version of SoundBoost case cost $29.95, while the iPad mini version is priced at $26.95.

BoxWave SoundBoost case for iPad

BoxWave SoundBoost case to boost iPad sound

Via: BoxWave



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