DIY cardboard rifle shoots paper ammo up to 75ft

DIY cardboard rifle

For all who like building and shooting with same sense of fun, a team of designers along with Bang Creations have created a Paper Shooter cardboard rifle kit, which puts all other Paper Shooters and rifles from school to rest. The Paper Shooter rifle made chiefly from cardboard can shoot paper pallets up to 75 feet (25m), and comes in a customized self-assembling kit, which becomes a working gun instantly. These genuinely realistic looking paper shooters come in there variations, the Golden Touch, Digital Ops and the really awesome Zombie Slayer.

The Paper Shooters are primarily made from paper except for their internal shooting mechanism and skeleton, which is made of plastic. The Paper Shooters are offered as packed kit and would require the buyer to build his shooter from scratch, yes, even the internal shooting mechanism. Thus, the Paper Shooter are a lot more than toy blasters and are aimed to kids over 14 years of age (children below 14 may find it difficult to assemble the rifle).

The Paper Shooter rifle is really accurate and fun to use, for a more realistic feel, the Paper Shooter, like a semiautomatic rifle shoots aerodynamic pellets and has cartridge casing which ejects from the side for reload. The designers have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, anyone interested can get over to the site and make a pledge towards their $72,000 goal.

DIY cardboard rifle

DIY cardboard rifle

DIY cardboard rifle

DIY cardboard rifle

Via: Wired



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