Drop The Beat wearable drumkit makes you a stage star

Drop the Beat by Wesley Chau

If you thought Trent Reznor is cool because he heads a one-man band, you might also like RISD Senior industrial design student Wesley Chau’s Drop the Beat. The wearable electronic drum set looks like a safety vest but does cooler things than protecting someone from untold dangers.  As the wearer moves his hands or fingers across the vest, beats can be heard by the audience. The wearable gadget was inspired by Home of the Brave, a concert film by Laurie Anderson. The wearable drum pad comes embedded with a piezo sensor which is then connected to the vest with Velcro as well. It certainly can be a crowd-puller and can be used by artists trying to grab attention at public places in order to promote something that is hard to get the attention of regular people.

Of course, it can also double up as a great entertainment device that can be worn and used by body artists, mimicking various dance and theatrical moves. Moreover, the neoprene vest can be used by artists to augment their stage presence, which is often the most difficult thing to do for any performer while up there facing a huge audience. Do you think Drop the Beat will give some serious competition to Nine Inch Nails?


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