Human-to-Cat Translator lets you meow at your cat

Human-to-Cat Translator app for Android and iOS devices

If you set out to compile a list of all the weird app you’ve used and played with, this one will surely find a mention in the list. Dubbed the Human-to-Cat Translator by Electric French Fries this app claims to analyze human voice and translate most languages into cat meows (now that’s what we all feline lovers just wanted). The Human-to-Cat Translator instantly translates your voice into meows to grab your kitty’s attention instantly. The app comes bundled with over 175 quality samples from more than 25 cats, which is good enough to impress cats of all types, shapes and sizes.

Human-to-Cat Translator app for Android

Free version of the Human-to-Cat Translator features 3 feline voices. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices and supports almost all human languages. The app works by performing audio analysis on your voice and regulates it carefully to create a meow sound depending on the input. The app also emits sounds of birds, mice and yes, a very angry kitty – fun way to play with your pet trust me!

Human-to-Cat Translator app for iOS



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