Japanese students create robotic coat that hugs you like a girlfriend

Robotic coat hugs you like your girlfriend from behind

A hug from the girlfriend is really fulfilling, it is a feeling that makes you feel happy and satisfied. Now, to make single men have the same feeling of being loved, a team of students at the Tsukuba University in Japan have created a robotic coat – the “Riaju Coat” (Fulfillment Coat) to simulate the feeling of being hugged around the waist from behind by your girlfriend.

The robotic coat features two robotic pincers and a pre-recorded voice which combine to let you experience the experience of being hugged. To feel the experience, a person needs to wear the coat and slip on a pair of headphones. Then the person will hear voice of a girl saying either: “I’m sorry, were you waiting?”, “Watch your back!”, “Blind side!” or “Guess who?” followed by robotic arms squeezing you like a tight hug around the waist. Fulfillment accomplished!

The robotic arms are synced with the voice and are controlled by the motors attached to the back of the coat. The seductive voice of the girlfriend it provided by Yu Shimotsuki – popular for her voice-overs in adult-themed games. Sadly there is no plan to commercially produce the robotic coat yet. So, you’ll have to continue waiting for your gal to hug you. Head below to the see the Fulfillment Coat in action.

Via: JapanLovesMe



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