Snow Droid X: Robotic Raspberry-Pi powered snow blower with a 3D printed head

Droid X snow blower

DIYer Kris Kortright has been building a Raspberry Pi-powered snow blower since last fall and it seems to be shaping up good. The snow blower has a 3D printed head and quite aptly Kris calls it the Snow Droid as it can take on harsh winter environments without much hassle. Aided by cameras and servos the Snow Droid X is shock-proof and watertight model to take on any water, wind, dust or snow getting in inside the electronics. Snow Droid X is created from a Snapper 24 snow blower and with a bit of testing with an Arduino Kris figured out the way to make it completely self-automated courtesy the power of Raspberry Pi controller.

Now this is very interesting as Kris has combined two very popular and resourceful technology marvels; Raspberry-Pi and 3D printing to be used in making of a snow blower that will certainly make the next winters interesting as the project will be complete by that time.

Snow Droid X DIY Raspberry-Pi powered 3D printed snow blower

Snow Droid X DIY Raspberry-Pi powered 3D printed snow blower

Via: Fabbaloo/GooglePlus


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