Abandoned oil silo turned into an automated light installation controlled by wind

Helsinki Oil Silo 468

Abandoned oil silos are of not much practical use but when an artist decides that it can be a perfect setting for displaying light art then the end result could be an extraordinary extravaganza. Silo 468, an original project of WDC Helsinki that comprises of 1280 LED’s spread across the dome with deep-red interior is really magnificent simply for the view that it puts forth.  The 450 steel mirrors that sway with the wind coming from behind the holes as sun shines further accentuate the effect seeming like there is sparkle on the surface of water. Now the interesting bit is that 16 meter tall steel Silo 468 responds to its surroundings courtesy bespoke software that uses algorithms to calculate wind speed, temperature, sunlight or snowfall. The patterns thereby created are very smooth and not repeated even once as the system refreshes every 5 minutes to keep the thing going.

Helsinki Oil Silo 468

Combine all this with the seaside view of Helsinki and you are all set for an eternal spectacle that will amaze you. Have a look at the video given below to see the Silo 468 light installation in action.

Via: Architizer



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