Life-size replica of Nikon F SLR, crafted entirely out of Lego

Life-size replica of Nikon F SLR made in Lego

Yes, you read that right, a life-size replica of Nikon F single lens reflex camera created entirely out of Legos. Perhaps, we aren’t alien to such appealing and creative projects (we have seen a few Lego cameras in the past) but this one created by Lego fanatic Suzuki is special because it has some functions of the real thing. The Lego camera is modeled after the Nikon F from the mid-1900s and unlike the other replica camera has a film door on the rear, which actually opens along with rotating dials.

A fun gadget for kids to play with, Suzuki Lego camera is sadly non-functional, i.e. it won’t click you pictures. This bold attempt of creating a full-size camera out of Legos alone is up on Cuusoo, Lego’s crowdsourcing websites. If you are impressed by the creation, get on to the website and show Suzuki your support (he really needs it).

Life-size replica of Nikon F SLR in Lego bricks

Lego camera

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