Reactive Grip motion controller gives real feedback when you stab or slice your enemies

Reactive Grip controller by Tactical Haptics

In the quest to take virtual reality in gaming and other correlated applications a step closer to the much craved reality, Tactical Haptics has come up with an impressive tactile-feedback system for motion-controlled input devices, the Reactive Grip created by Professor William Provancher shown off at the Game Developers Conference 2013. Frankly speaking this motion-controlled controller is way off the charts as it will change the way you sway and swing swords in games like Prince of Persia or Assassin’s Creed. You could be stabbing and slicing up your enemies and getting the real time sensation of doing so, or shooting bullets at your enemies and feeling the sensation of real feedback. Using motion tracking system, the tactile feedback with Reactive Grip controller is built around a Razer Hydra which has been modded according to the requirements with a 3D printed housing with sliders that move up or down for the real time sensation.

Now combine with the WizDish, Oculus Rift or the recently revealed NVIS nVisor SX60 and you could well be on the way to a complete virtual reality that will blow you away. This could very well change the way gaming industry is going to proceed ahead as we get even closer to emulating real life experience in a virtual environment. As for now the Reactive Grip controller is in prototype stage and if things go well with the planned Kickstarter crowd funding you could very well be having it in your hands by the end of this summer for $150.

Via: TacticalHaptics/RoadToVR



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