Glasses with built-in HD camera records in any direction you see

If you’re waiting for the Google Glass, you may not be too fascinated with this pair of glasses from Thanko Japan. However, if you’re an avid adventurer or a bicyclist who has owned a few head mounted cameras, this will be a perfect replacement. Equipped with an ultra-compact camera in the hinge of the frame and a micro-SD card slot in the inside of the temple, the glasses records videos in Full-HD at 20 ~ 30fps (now that beats your action camera, hands down). So, whether you’re travelling or walking, playing to hiking, you can be shooting a real-time movie of all you do just wearing your glasses to watch it later. Cool right?

Called the “Mita Mamma glasses”, the cool and stylish glasses has a power button on the inside of the temple, pressing which you can instantly start recording video for about 30 to 40 minutes on full charge (it takes about 3 hours to charge fully). The recorded videos are saved onto the microSD card.  The 8,980 yen (approximately $ $90) glasses weigh 60g and features built-in lithium polymer battery which is charged via USB.


Via: Thanko



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