HD Cinematography and photography in the palm of your hand with Novo Camera

Radiant Images Novo Camera

As a cinematographer you always want to carry around minimalistic gear as it can get really cumbersome to carry around. After seeing the amazing CAM CHOBi Pro3 which is the smallest night vision camera thus far now we went deep into the internet cloud to find something that was equally impressive and this is what we found. Radiant Images has released Novo Camera (showed off at NAB Show) in aluminium housing which is a tiny version of the GoPro Hero3 (well-known cinematography camera) and is almost 20% smaller than it. The feature rich cinematography palm sized camera is ideal for people who want the capabilities of GoPro Hero3 camera in a compact little camera. Novo camera has been developed and engineered by View Factor Studios in collaboration with Radiant Images to make possible much more flexible and robust cinematic shooting.

Radiant Images Novo Camera

There is a C-mount lens with back focus adjustment for extremely close macro shooting and the exposure control options allow you as a cinematographer to explore shooting capabilities like never before. Loaded with a CPU the user can disable the auto exposure and adjust aperture manually via the lens. Novo camera also has three ¼-20 and two 10-32 mounting points and four buttons on the frontfor the various functions like recording, WiFi for wireless control or auxiliary. For now Radiant Images is renting the camera at the daily price of $295 and weekly price of $885.

Radiant Images Novo Camera

# Key specifications of Novo Camera

Radiant Images Novo Camera

• Captures 12 MP photos at 30 photos per second and ultra-high resolution 2.7 KP-30 fps and 4KP-15 fps video modes

• Base ISO of 640

• Dimensions – thickness .5 inch, width 2.47 inch, height 1.85 inch, weight 3.2 oz

• 8 stops latitude

Radiant Images Novo Camera

# Have a look at some of the videos of Novo Camera in action to learn more about this compact little cinematography wonder

Via: RadiantImages/HypeBeast



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