Technogym F1 Training Machine keeps Ferrari race drivers fit for big races

Technogym F1 Training Machine

Formula-1 race drivers are one of the fittest athletes on the planet and it takes hours of physical and mental training to drive around the high endurance race tracks in high performance Formula-2 cars that are pinnacle of motorsports. The amount of G forces that a F1 race driver has to bear makes them lose at least 6-8 kilos of weight during each race which is in itself a startling statistic. But the question is how they train to endure such extreme strains and hot temperatures inside the cockpit?

Technogym F1 Training Machine

Well, for Ferrari drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, Technogym F1 Training Machine is the key to success as they go on preparing for their main race schedules. Designed especially for a stringent regime of muscle training like never before, the Technogym F1 Training Machine has unique combinations of G-Forces, vibrations and other inputs that emulate real race situations while driving. This in a way reproduces the high-impact stress put on the arms, neck and other muscles during the race.

Technogym F1 Training Machine

The training machine is based on elastic forces which train the driver in 4 different directions by hooking up front and rear cables to driver’s helmet. This in turn produces rapid acceleration and deceleration motion for that ultimate training regime for F1 drivers. The steering of the machine has load of 25 kg having weight stacks of 2.5 kg each to train forearms and a mechanism for combining weight force with vibration device emulates the vibration inside the Fourmula-1 car on the race track.

Technogym F1 Training Machine

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