Barobo Mobot-A robot kit allows students to build 3D printed robots

Barobo Mobot-A robot kit to develop 3D printed robot

As schools are getting accustomed to 3D printers and students are becoming more inclined to 3D printing as the way of creation, a need is felt for some exciting 3D printers. To fill the void early, Barobo – inventor of educational robotics, has launched Mobot-A robot kit to help students build a 3D printed robot from ground up. The Mobot-A robot kit is available for download from Barobo website and comes with batteries, easy to use software and assembly instructions, motors, electronics, fasteners, while users are expected to print everything else.

There is no limit to what the students can create with the Mobot-A robot kit in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students can either attach other robots and accessories or can design their own robot accessories to attach to the robot and print it on the 3D printer. The must have Mobot-A robot kit is presently available for $139.95.

Barobo Mobot-A robot kit to develop 3D printed robot

3D printed robot kit

Mobot-A robot kit by Barobo

Barobo 3D printed robot kit

Barobo Mobot-A robot kit for students

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