Weaponize your iPhone with these cases

Weaponize your iPhone with these iPhone cases

These days, iPhone hacking really become a common site. As the world gets more unsafe, and the threat of zombie apocalypse looms ever closer, the only obvious solution is to lock and load. Here are four different cases that turn your iPhone into a weapon so you can spray, punch, stab and electrocute your enemies!

Spraytect iPhone Mace Case $39.95 

Weaponize your iPhone with these cases

This case combines a can of mace with an iPhone case. It lets you easily go from talking on the phone to spraying your enemies in the face with pepper spray, faster than you can say “slide to unlock.” It’s sure to stop incoming creeps in their tracks, just spin the cap and press down and you are good at a range of up to 15 feet! Just be *very* careful which button you hit in the morning to snooze your alarm.

Kuncklecase iPhone Brass Knuckles $120 

Weaponize your iPhone with these cases

Sometimes you just need to punch your way out of a problem. So why not turn your iPhone into something that can smash the face of your enemies, like your boss? This case combines a set of real brass knuckles with an iPhone case. Machined from a solid block of aluminum, this case is actually punch-able  and it comes in a variety of colors. A fact which your enemies will be sure to appreciate as your bedecked fists meet with their noses.

TaskOne iPhone Multi-Tool $100

Weaponize your iPhone with these cases

If you often find yourself in Macguyver situation then this is the case for you. It’s a Swiss army knife in a case. If you happen to be kidnapped, and your kidnappers are stupid enough to leave you with your phone, you’ll be able to use this to cut your way out of trouble with the hidden knife. It’s also got a bunch of other tools too, all of which are good for stabbing.

Yellow Jacket iPhone Stun Gun Case $140

Weaponize your iPhone with these cases

iPhone tazer? Yes please! With this baby, your foe is in for a shocking surprise as you drive 650k volts of electricity into his fat gut. In less than 2 seconds your phone goes from an angry birds player to a self defense weapon of serious proportions. The case’s internal battery does double duty too –  it provides one full and complete charge to your smartphone, or to your enemy. Your choice! Equipped with a dual safety switch, there is little chance that you’ll accidentally shock yourself. However, I’d still think twice about putting it in my front pocket next to my other precious goods…


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