Lourdes Massage Cushion V electric massager relaxes your tired muscles

Lourdes Massage Cushion V electric massager

After a grueling long day’s work what does one crave for? A smooth relaxing massage to release all body ache and tension in the muscles so that one can start afresh next day. Lourdes Massage Cushion V electric massager is one such product that relaxes your body by enhancing blood circulation, relieving fatigue, subduing tension in the muscles, providing relief for muscle pain and neuralgia. With a built-in heater the user can experience cozy massage like never before and the V suspension design provides depth to the movement of conventional planar ball fir having spring mechanism at the bottom. You can use it for your neck, back, arms, waist, shoulders, thighs and calves for that relaxing feel which can really relax your mind and body for a fresh feel.

The cushion is made from highest quality soft leather, comes in three color options; black, camel and red. It has an automatic 15 minutes stop timer and is light on your electricity bill as it has 18W power consumption. Lourdes Massage Cushion V electric massager measures 365 x 180 x 365 mm and weighs 2.2 kg making it ideal for home as well as outside use for long trips. Lourdes Massage Cushion V electric massager is priced at 22,800 Yen ($233) and you can buy it after the release date of April 20th, so better keep an eye.

Via: Atex-net



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