IDSmart Bookshower – Book sterilization machine for promoting hygienic reading habits

Claridy Solutions Library Sterilization Machine

How many times have you borrowed a book from your local library store and wondered whether it is loaded with bacteria, allergens and saliva? I’m not even once, and that is why you need to read on as books can also be a source of transmitting diseases as so many people touch them and even worse could have their saliva on them as they turn on pages. Claridy Advanced RFID Solutions has designed a very interesting book sterilization machine that they call the IDSmart Bookshower (also known as Library Sterilization Machine) for that removes any trace of bacteria and virus for the most stringent book cleaning regime there ever was. Measuring about 1.3 meters and weighing around 80 kg, the Library Sterilization Machine looks more like a small refrigerator is installed in the public libraries in Hangzhou city, located in Zhejiang Province in Eastern China.


Library Sterilization Machine uses UV rays to sterilize the books that have to be kept on the stainless steel frame for around 30 seconds in the machine and after you take out the book, it will be squeaky clean, in literal sense. Library Sterilization Machine has been specifically developed to maintain a good hygienic book reading habit among people and make them aware of the various possible ways in which a book that you borrowed from library can infect you with diseases.

Via: Hangzhou



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