Meeting Recorder: Perfect omni-directional camera recorder for professional conferences

King Jim Camera Recorder

King Jim Co. is going to release an intuitive camera and recorder for organizing meetings called Meeting Recorder on April 19th. The USP of this conference recording camera is its ability to record your meetings in a 360 degree view with its omni-directional camera view which is achieved using four cameras. To compliment this there is an omni-directional microphone too which records the sound from every direction in the room. Using the Meeting Recorder you can organize very professional level meetings where you don’t have to be in front of the camera to speak, rather the camera will record your presentation and the reaction or feedback of other people in the room.

Other than that Meeting Recorder can be used as a webcam too when you are chatting with someone or having a casual teleconference with friends and family. Meeting Recorder comes with a LCD screen and built-in speaker so that you can view the recording anytime you want and then later on edit it according to your needs.

King Jim Camera Recorder

Meeting Recorder weights around 485 g and comes with four VGA quality CMOS sensor cameras which are good enough to record quality recordings of your meetings. King Jim’s Meeting Recorder camera is priced at 34,650 ($354 USD) and you can get it from the product website itself.

Via: KingJim



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