Norway’s Stad Maritime tunnel – The world’s first tunnel way for large ships

Stad maritime tunnel for ships

By the early half of next decade we could be seeing ships hurling down through one side of a tunnel and out the other side. Norway is all set to have the world’s first tunnel for large ships to take on the treacherous section (known for high winds and heavy seas) of the southwestern coast as the government has announced a 10 year transportation plan for the same. Aptly called as the Stad Maritime Tunnel, named on the peninsula of Norway, the 1.7 kilometers long tunnel will make its way into the piece of peninsula’s mountainside, linking together the two fjords. With the estimated cost of 1.6 billion kroner, this intuitive project is a 10 year transportation plan and construction will begin in 2018.

Although there are tunnels like Canal du Midi in France that is made for sea transportation but Stad tunnel is going to be the world’s first tunnel that can be used by large cargo and passenger vessels up to 16,000 tons. According to the project leaders, the water of Stad peninsula has seen 46 accidents and 33 deaths since World War 2 and it was imminent that such kind of construction marvel be undertaken to make the journey safe and sound in the coming future.

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