Airplane Speakers by Han Sung-Jae are worth $5,850 of nature’s inspiration

Airplane Speakers by Han Sung-Jae

Listening to music can be one the most relaxing activates that you can take up during your free time or even while working if music is your food for thought. And what better than an incredibly designed speaker to compliment the ear pleasing music which can be a spell bounding experience for the listener. South Korean artist Han Sung-Jae who is inspired by the idea of sound of planes, cutting through the air has come up with the eye pleasing Airplane Speakers having a brass speaker system which quite capably separate the low, mid and high tones for some great listening experience.

Airplane Speakers by Han Sung-Jae

Airplane Speakers are made from white birch with copper and stainless steel elements with a unique design that circulates the sound in organic curves. One can dock their iPod or iPhone directly into the speakers and play the music for an unmatchable sound as Han deems his speakers as ones that sculpture sound rather than just reproducing it.

The Airplane speakers measure 60.2 x 25.2 x 30.7 inch and come at the hefty price of $5,850 which can burn a hole in your pocket but still would be worth buying for people who love quality music inspired by nature itself.

Airplane Speakers by Han Sung-Jae



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