Smack Attack brings rocking drum beating karaoke to the steering wheel of your car

Smack Attack RITW on steering wheel

Ever felt frustrated while driving and being stuck in traffic jam and wanted to play karaoke drums with the songs that you are listening to on your iPhone? Or maybe afraid that while driving on the highway you would fall asleep (highway hypnosis) which can be a dangerous situation? Then tapping drums to the music you are listening to while driving can be a good exercise as it keeps you in the groove and also makes other people in the car entertained in long grueling journeys. Smack Attack Re-inventing The Wheel (RITW) is a drum set for your steering wheel with 8 different drum set components including snare, bass drum, tom-tom and cow bell that can be mounted right onto the steering wheel like a cover and thereafter you can go on tapping to the music anytime you feel like. This is a practical solution to getting into the groove as most of us tap on our steering wheel while driving.

Smack Attack RITW on steering wheel

Virtually a drum set rock band for your car, RITW uses the FM transmitter to mix the drumming and the song being played from your iPhone’s music library using the iPhone app for the same. Now if you want to get even more intuitive with the Smack Attack drum set for your vehicle then you can record your performance and customize it with your own nifty sounds too.

Smack Attack RITW on steering wheel

Frankly speaking Smack Attack is a very interesting invention by Gregor Hanuschak (a.k.a G-Man) and to take things forward he will fund the project on Kickstarter in a couple of days and I’m sure all you geeks out there would love to fund it. Not to mention the opportunity to get it smack on the steering wheel of your car for some cool rhythmic drum beating music.

Via: SmackAttack/Kickstarter



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