Donhou Bicycles’ custom built bike to hit 100 mph

With a motive to find what is take a bike to be ridden 100mph, Britain’s Donhou Bicycles and frame builder Tom Donhou have built a custom bike that does just that. Donhou Bicycles unveiled their 100mph bike recently at the Bespoked Bristol show. The custom bike has a beautifully custom-made chainring by Royce at the heart of it. The huge 17-inches diameter, 104-tooth chainring has already made the bike hit speeds of 60 mph on the open road.

The Donhou’s bike is made of steel with frame geometry taking leaf from a triangle. To create real aerodynamics, the bike has been innovatively designed with handlebar as low as the top of the front wheel.

On being asked about his creation Donhou says, “Something that started for fun has become serious and now we are gunning 100mph.” Talking about the test ride he informed that the bike, thanks to its solid steel frame was really stable at high speeds of 60mph.

Donhou’s dream of hitting 100 mph shouldn’t be dumped just yet because American Charles Murphy took the critic world with surprise when he hit 60 mph on a bike in 1899. Another “Mile-A-Minute” Murphy in the making we guess!

Via: NPR



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