Durex Fundawear: iPhone controlled vibrating underwear for him and her

Durex Fundawear

Wondering what the future of foreplay would be, Durex Fundawear answers the query well. Durex launches Fundawear – iPhone controlled vibrating underwear for both men and women. Imagine you’re sitting in the office all drained with work and suddenly you receive a special touch message from your partner sitting across the town in his/her workspace, reminding you to get home early to light that fire – this is the future of foreplay Durex wants us to experience with the new Fundawear collection.

Durex claims their innovative innerwear allows ‘physical touch to be transmitted wirelessly between couples’ with the assistance of touchscreen technology. With help of an app, iPhone can be used to transfer a simulation of touch to the Fundawear. What makes the innerwear really fun is that the speed and sequence of the stimulation, your partner wants, can be easily controlled from the iPhone itself.

iPhone controlled vibrating underwear

The Fundawear features a pair of boxers for him and bra and knickers for her, all fitted with mini-vibrators and real-time servers that communicate simulation signal from iPhone to the Fundawear to produce that erotic vibration. Are you ready to tickle and tease her even when your miles apart? Head to Durex’s Facebook page and enter their contest to win a pair for yourself and your partner. There’s no word on when the iPhone controlled vibrating underwear will go into production, but it is believed that the Durex Fundawear could retail for under $200, start saving! Hit the jump to see the video for more.

Durex Fundawear

Durex Fundawear

Durex Fundawear

Via: SMH/CultofMac




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