Hoo Whistle case for iPhone 5 for emergency situations when life is at stake

Hoo Whistle case for iPhone 5

After the rage of numerous rape cases in India, a chunk of Indian engineering students created the Anti-rape lingerie in an effort to curb these heinous acts and now a Korean designer Sang Hoon Lee has created the Hoo Whistle case for iPhone 5 which can be used in case of emergency to alert people who might be around. Created with the prime motive of crime prevention, the simple yet intuitive case has a whistle on the top section, so that it can be blown in an instant. Other uses for this iPhone 5 case weighing just 35 grams include sports wherein the user can use it just like any other normal whistle. The concept is simple and solves a basic purpose which can come in handy for emergency situations and also protects your iPhone 5 from superficial damage.

Hoo Whistle case for iPhone 5

The case is ergonomically designed for optimum holding position and comes in a dual color design with easy grip shape which looks pretty cool. Hoo Whistle case for iPhone 5 comes in variety of color options including lime green, black, hot pink or white for the price tag of 2,980 Japanese Yen ($30 USD) which is pretty lucrative considering that it can be a lifesaver in precarious situations.

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