Smart PJs – World’s first interactive pajamas having secret bed time stories

Smart PJs World’s first interactive pajamas

We all love kids and the excitement to read them a bed time story as they go to sleep can be the best satisfying feeling that a parent can have. And who can even ignore the good old pajamas in which the kids feel so comfortable. So combining both these elements has prompted the creation of world’s first interactive pajamas which have dotted patterns printed on them which are the secret codes to a bedtime story that children would love to listen to from their loved ones. Founded by Juan Murdoch, the Smart PJs, as he calls them, are in fact the new age attire for your children that double as the coded platform to read a different bed time story each day. All you have to do is scan over the dotted pattern all over the pajamas and an app on your smartphone opens up a new bed time story that can be read by the children themselves too for better learning.

The idea for Smart PJs is still patent pending and is one intuitive way to spend time with your kids who will definitely love this new way to enjoy bed time stories. Tech Cocktail conducted a brief interview with the maker, Mr. Murdoch and you can catch up with it right away. In the meanwhile have a look at the basic concept of Smart PJs in the video below.



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