Touchscreen Braille Phone for blind people developed by Indian student

Touchscreen Braille Phone  by Sumit Dagar

Tactile mobile phone concept by Peter Lau is quite intuitive and taking a huge leap forward from the concept stage an Indian post graduate student Sumit Dagar from the National Institute of Design (NID) has made his own version of a smartphone for blind. Deemed as the world’s first smartphone for blind and visually impaired users, Braille Phone is based on a never before seen haptic touchscreen that has components that can elevate and depress to create patterns that can be read by the blind just like a braille. To represent the character or letter the phone’s screen has grid of pins that move up or down. The basic concept of this smartphone is based on the Shape Memory Alloy technology that expands and contracts to the original shape after use.

The prototype version of Braille Phone is currently being tested at LV Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad and collaboration with IIT Delhi is being sorted out to develop it even further. This intuitive project is a part of the Young Laureates Programme by Rolex Awards which funds 5 projects each year.

# According to Sumit Dagar

This product is based on an innovative ‘touch screen’ which is capable of elevating and depressing the contents it receives to transform them into ‘touchable’ patterns. The response during the test has been immense. It comes out as a companion more than a phone to the user. We plan to do more advanced versions of the phone in the future.

Touchscreen Braille Phone by Sumit Dagar

Touchscreen Braille Phone by Sumit Dagar

Via: TimesOfIndia



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