Handmade iPhone audio amplifier Pivot by Jim Simon

When we look for an iPhone accessory, we often look for something simple in form and utility, and wooden audio amplifiers are often on the top of the list. Not just because they are recycled and beautiful, but also because they offer passive, acoustic amplification. Latest in the list is this new acoustic amplifier for your iPhone 4/4S/5 by designer Jim Simon. Dubbed the Pivot, the amplifier is completely handmade from solid Makore, Cherry, maple and Walnut wood. The Pivot works in both portrait and landscape modes and most importantly provide amplification without electricity – so carry it where you want and enjoy amped up volume anytime, anywhere.

The Pivot measures 7.25-inch long x 2-inch wide x 3.5-inch high and is compatible with iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5. Priced at $75 the Pivot available in Mokore color is the finest accessory to amply iPhone audio sans electricity.

Via: Koostik



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