Conran camera mixes the good of analog with digi camera

Conran camera

When it comes to cameras, we’re actually spoiled for choices. Besides regular Digi cams, SLRs and DSLRs etc, we’ve also seen the likes of Spam ham can camera, DIY cardboard camera and the smallest night vision camera, yet there is scope for an analog camera that mashes the goods of a retro film camera with the features of a more current digital camera. This is exactly what British design firm Conran has designed. Conran camera is a square device which has a large hole in the middle that serves both as the lens and the viewfinder for the camera.

The rear of the Conran camera doesn’t have a display you expect in a digital camera nor does it take a film that needs to be carried to the exposure lab for developing. So how do you see what you have clicked? Well, the Conran camera actually connects with any Bluetooth device in close vicinity to let you upload the photos to the device to see. However, for other features, the camera has a control dial, shutter button and flash.

If you’ve kind of liked the Conran camera concept, you can leave your thoughts in the comments section below because there is no way you can buy this yet. It’s only a concept and there is no word on if it will ever go into production or not.

Via:  BBC/Bitrebels



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