MusicMachine – Reuge by MB&F plays music from galaxy far, far away

MusicMachine music box

If you thought music box was a thing of the past, MB&F has taken a leap over time-telling creations (its best known for) and has created MusicMachine, a music box that looks and sounds unlike anything we’ve seen or used before. A high-end desktop music box, the MusicMachine made by MB&F in collaboration with REUGE features all the time-honored innards of a traditional music box but (as visible) in a very unconventional design, simply in order to appeal to all space-age junkies like ourselves.

MusicMachine is made in white or black lacquered walnut wood for sound amplification. The spaceship-like MusicMachine with dual propellers and twin silver cylinders atop the sleek landing gear, is totally awe-inspiring to look at and equally tantalizing to listen to. MusicMachine is limited edition creation with only 66 pieces – 33 White and 33 Black.

Each silver cylinder on the MusicMachine plays a set of three tunes. The left one takes you on a space journey either with May the Force alongside Star Wars theme or with theme ‘Imperial March’ from The Empire Strikes Back or with the theme from Star Trek. The right cylinder however gets the listener back on earth to enjoy either Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall, or Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water or Imagine from John Lennon. Enjoy listening!

Via: MBandF



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