Balduin Cross Coach 2013 football training machine

Balduin Cross Coach football training machine

Balduin Cross Coach 2013 is a training device for the sports of football as it allows for a very detailed coaching regime wherein the player as well as the coach can analyze the shortcomings and small little mistakes in gameplay that might be leading to deteriorated performance. Balduin is the ideal training tool when it comes to ball-player training regime in and around the targeted area of 16 meters as it produces variable, accurate and repeatable ball behavior reminiscent to real play situation. With in-built technology that determines the ball flight characteristics like trajectory, feeding height of the intensity of ball hit; Balduin Cross Coach helps a player determine the nifty changes that need to be made for ideal ball play.

Coaches can reconfigure Balduin for various training regimes such as goalkeeper training, defensive training, forward training or offensive training. Depending on the training level the coach can program Balduin for a very stringent training regime that pays off in the long run.

Via: CrossCoach/Spoteo



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