10 cool gizmos to take home this Gadget Day

10 cool gizmos for Gadget Day

The world is governed by gadgets and gizmos that we just can’t live without in our daily routine, and each day there is a new gadget that takes our breath away. Today is Gadgets Day and it is only apt that we acquit you with some of the coolest gadgets that you can take home. So, geeky folks, here is a compilation of the 10 cool gadgets and gizmos to lay your hands on today.

Bomb-proof watch

If you wanted a watch that could survive and unexpected blast because you loved it as much as you love yourself, then the Triggerfish Bronze A2 wristwatch by German designer Kaventsmann Uhren is perhaps the wristwatch for you. Tested to survive a detonation of C-4 explosives (without scratch), the Triggerfish Bronze A2 is water resistant up to 300 bar, that’s like 3000 meters under water. The watch is handmade in shock-resistant phosphor bronze case and stainless steel back with 10 mm of domed polycarbonate crystals. The bomb-proof watch can be ordered here.

iXoost dock for iPhone and iPod

iXoost is hand-built iPhone/iPod docking station by designer Micro Pecorari. Having a 140 W active subwoofer the music delivered by iXoost is amazing with acoustic details providing an unparalleled listening experience. The eye provoking docking audio system is crafted from highest quality leather with never before seen exhaust manifolds giving it a signature look. iXoost comes with an app of its own to configure listening environment and organize playlists for uninterrupted listening extravaganza. Starting at € 5000, you can order it here.

World’s smallest night vision camera

World’s smallest night vision camera comes with many other options but measures no more than a small cookie. What is Bull! CAM CHOBi Pro3 is a strange name for the toy movie camera but it surely does the job of shooting videos and images perfectly even in pitch dark, courtesy its night vision features. The night vision camera weights 41 grams and can shoot videos in resolution of 1920×1080 pixels in full HD format. The camera can be yours for the price of $53, head straight over to the purchase portal.

Hand powered charger to juice up your phone

Eton Corporation has developed portable Boost Turbine hand-crank charger to juice up your mobile with a spinning hand motion in all emergency situations. The winding device is able to produce 30 seconds of calling juice for your phone in just under a minute of spinning. Boost Turbine is loaded with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery and comes in two variants, BoostTurbine1000 and BoostTurbine 2000 costing $50 and $60 respectively.

Leap Motion Controller

Vision a world where you control things and interact with them in a very natural human-friendly way, that’s where the Leap Motion Controller takes us. One of tech world’s finest advancements yet, the controller senses how you move your hand and translates the same action to control a computer. Selling for $79.99 it’s a device that lets you use the computer (and other daily use things) just naturally.

Submarine Camcorder

The Submarine Camcorder might not promise a journey to these deep dark fathoms below, but it will at least make you feel like an awesome marine explorer. Connected with a 100 feet cable, the Submarine Camcorder can beam high resolution videos and images to your iPad from down below. With 32-GB built-in memory and an ability to function for 2 hours on fully charged batteries, the camcorder is priced at $6,300 and is available from Hammacher.

Wearable tracker Shine 

Made of solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum Shine by tech company Misfit Wearables, is a small clip which tracks the wearer’s movement. This movement information is then seen on the smartphone, courtesy an app, to know stats about movement, steps taken etc. unlike the other tracking devices, the Shine is so flexible that it can be worn in many different ways depending on the user’s preference. Shine has met its goal on crowdfunding site indiegogo and can be pre-ordered now.

D-Link DSM-380 Boxee Box HD Media Player

If you want to breathe new life into your daily entertainment needs at home the take home the D-Link DSM-380 Boxee Box HD Media Player. Priced at $99, the D-Link DSM-380 Boxee Box HD Media Player adds wonders to you home entertainment. It steams internet content from all available sources directly onto your TV screen. You can also steam your collection of music, video, photos and files from a PC, tablet, smartphone or server.

Rugged Rukus

The $99 Rugged Rukus solar-powered Bluetooth speaker from Eton connects wirelessly to any Bluetooth compatible smartphone, computer or tablet. The durable and lightweight speaker blasts your favorite tunes from the device in stereo sound that’ll mesmerize all. The tracks and controls of the speaker can be managed by the Bluetooth device itself. The Rugged Rukus Bluetooth speaker has incredible solar panel which claims to deliver continuous day and night playback with five hours of sunlight. Besides the rechargeable solar powered battery, the Rugged Rukus can be charged using internal lithium battery with USB charger.

Cocolo bear with smartphone dock

The Cocolo Bear stuffed toy by Cube-works is a perfect gift for your tech savvy kids this gadget day as it has a smartphone docking slot right where the heart would be. As soon as you place your Android (2.2 or higher) or iOS (4.3 or later) smartphone in the slot it brings the teddy bear to life. In the smartphone the app interface that supports the functioning of this toy you’ll find many options, one of them is the ability to take up calls with the toy moving the mouth as if it was speaking to you. The Cocolo bear can also speak around 600 words indexed in its memory for just $62.



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