iPhone/iPad controlled logging robot that you can make at home

iPhone or iPad controlled logging robot

Rubens Mau has built a logging robot that is controlled with iPhone/iPad for some household fun. The robot is controlled with an Arduino board and remote controlled using WiFi connectivity with the data sensors sending commands on the obstacles coming ahead. The data from the sensors is sent back to the iPhone about the battery voltage, running temperature and distance from nearest obstacles. The direction of this robot is actuated by controlling the relative speed of each wheel and once an obstacle is detected within 20 cm of distance it stop automatically to avoid collision. The user can run the robot in backward direction too and if the battery voltage is below threshold then it shuts down automatically to prevent any battery discharge.

The various sensors and hardware used in the making of this iPhone controlled logging robot include Arduino Mega2560, WiFi shield, motor shield, ultrasonic sensor, temperature sensor, robot chassis, servo motor, buzzer and 2 DC motors. To control the robot a TouchOSC app for iPhone is used and the app screen can be configured according to your specific needs. To indicate the forward movement green LED lighting scheme is used while to indicate the backwards movement red LED scheme is used. The complete instructions on building this Arduino robot are available at Rubens Mau’s blog.



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