Universal Learning Remote DN-84432 – Control electronic appliances with your iPhone/iPad/iPod

Universal Learning Remote DN-84432 for iPhone and iPad

In this digital age every home is flooded with electronic gadgets and with those electronic consumer goods come remote controls. At times it can get cumbersome to keep all these remotes and you wish that you had one universal remote that could control all these electronic gadgets. Surely there are many universal remotes out there but wouldn’t it be great if you could use your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini or iPod touch as a remote control to control all your electronic appliances like TV, DVD player, amplifier etc.? It definitely sounds a good idea and you can convert your Apple gadget into a full blown remote control that can be used with a wide variety of electronic appliances whenever needed by plugging-in a dongle like accessory known as Universal Learning Remote DN-84432 into the headphone jack.

Universal Learning Remote DN-84432 for iPhone and iPad

Once you have plugged-in the device into your iPhone 5/iPad/iPad mini/ iPod touch the compatible app for the device then syncs the remote control configuration when you press the power button of the remote itself. Thereafter you can use your Apple device as a remote control for the synched electronic appliance.

Universal Learning Remote DN-84432 for iPhone and iPad

You can register 20 or more devices using this accessory and it recognizes around 100 or more buttons across various remote controls available in the market. Universal Learning Remote DN-84432 weighs only 6 grams and measures 54x10x7mm which makes it light-weight when plugged into your iPhone 5 or iPad. The price for this intuitive universal remote control is 3000 Yen ($31 USD) and is suitable for people who have a lot of electronic appliances in their home.

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