E-tattoo capable of monitoring brainwave activity


Tattoos are no longer going to be just an icon of your style and personality traits but also of much more complex biological human body monitoring devices. Just like the Biosensor tattoos that monitor your sweat levels, the E-tattoo is here to make an even bigger leap into the realm of brainwave monitoring. Designed by Todd Coleman at the University of California, San Diego and his colleagues, this technologically advanced tattoo can be applied to the skin like any other tattoo. The only difference being that it will monitor your electrophysiological signals from the heart and muscles which is a direct indication of the brain activity.

E-tattoo has been going under constant improvement with the placement of electrodes to pick up P300 brainwave signals. One can compare the E-tattoo with a conventional EEG machine which records brainwave activity by monitoring the blips in brainwave signals.

Currently the team is improving it even further to induce smartphone compatibility so that the user can monitor the vital brain activity in real time. The ultimate aim of such advanced tattoos is to monitor the neural activity for identifying medical conditions such as Alzheimer and pregnancy monitoring like fetal heart rate etc.

Via: NewScientist



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