Researchers develop baseball playing robot with Nvidia GPU as brain

Japanese are famous for their ingenious robots, but it’s not only manufacturers at Honda but even researchers at the University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo that have some robotic tricks up their sleeves. In collaboration with Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, fellows at Electro-Communications University have built a nifty humanoid robot that plays your favorite sport – baseball. Not holding a real bat, but the baseball playing robot holds a fan-like bat to take a swing at the ball. Not 100 percent accurate at hitting every pitched ball, the robot is intelligent enough to adjust its swings and better the contact with every ball.

Real genius of the robot to adjust to its requirements is made possible with the Nvidia GPU that forms the braid of the bot. The graphic processor, with efficiency of almost 100,000 neurons, coupled with software performs efficiently to make the humanoid as effective as it touts to be.

The robot’s GPU-powered brain takes information from an accelerometer resting behind the batting cage. The accelerometer translates the flight and speed of the pitched ball to the bot’s brain, which calculates the data to determine when to swing the bat.

The whole idea behind developing the baseball playing robot is to help researchers and scientists comprehend how robot brains can be recreated with combination of software and hardware to make them more efficient and intelligent.

Via: Wired



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