ProScope Micro Mobile is a professional microscope for iPhone 5, iPad and iPad mini

ProScope Micro Mobile for iPhone iPad and iPad mini

It’s not new to be acquainted with an iPhone/iPad accessory that functions as a microscope for zooming in on the Nano world. Like the Microscope with LED for iPhone 5 that provides 60X zoom a new one has arrived into the scene which provides a whooping 80X magnification courtesy its Edmund pro level glass optics. ProScope Micro Mobile by Bodelin Technologies for iPhone 5 (and earlier versions), iPad and iPad Mini can be deemed as the first ever professional level microscope that can be used in a variety of fields like science education, law enforcement and medical applications too. To avoid any kind of surface reflection ProScope Micro Mobile is powered by an onboard lithium ion battery providing 5 hours of continuous use.

ProScope Micro Mobile (Made in Oregon, USA) can be charged via the USB charging cable in around 2 hours and comes with a desktop stand for hands-free use. This professional iPhone/iPad/iPad mini/iPod touch microscope accessory comes with separate kit for iPhone/iPod, iPad mini and iPad so that it is optimized for use with that particular device. For the price of $149 you’ll get a ProScope Micro Mobile base unit, adjustable nylon lens and a sleeve too.

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