World’s first ever Atomic Watch by Hoptroff is coolest timepiece around

Hoptroff Atomic watch

The world’s first personal chronometer with an on board atomic clock and accuracy of 1.5 seconds every 1000 years is here courtesy Hoptroff. The movement for this amazing timepiece is all due to the Quantum SA.45s chip scale atomic clock made by Symmetricom, the high-precision timekeeing gadgetry making US Company. Incredibly the watch has a temperature controlled caesium gas chamber long with a laser to heat the radioactive atoms and microwave resonator to detect emissions from atoms electron. This very energy from the electrons accounts for the clock’s beat.

The watch has hermetically sealed RS-232 interfaced SA.45s has difference between two successive time readings which is microscopically small. The power reserve for this Hoptroff watch comes courtesy lithium ion battery via a micro USB port. With functions like Bluetooth radio, plus humidity, temperature, magnetometer and pressure sensors make up this amazing atomic watch having 28 dials in total. Hoptroff plans to make a dozen of these watches initially and since SA.45s is small at 40 x 34.8 x 11.3mm; so Hoptroff’s mechanism has been designed for pocket watches.

Hoptroff Atomic watch

Via: TheRegister


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