The eye-tracking device knows what you hanker for

Just imagine you enter a store and as you look around, an eye-tracking device figures out what you are gazing at and allows the shopkeeper to display products that you’re looking for? Shopping experience par excellence! A prototype of an eye-tracking gadget, which will make this realty someday, has been readied by Andreas Bulling, of Max Planck Institute for Informatics in Saarbrucken, Germany along with Hans Gellersen and Yanxia Zhang of Lancater University, UK. Dubbed the SideWays, the eye-tracking device has been designed to track the gaze of almost fourteen people of different heights, ages and eye-colors.

SideWays prototype was recently showcased at the Conference of Human Factors in Computing Systems in Paris, where its developers informed that the eye-tracking device features a video camera and self-developed computer vision system. They informed SideWays finds users pupil by recognizing the corners of the eyes with respect to the position of the face. The device they say has a nag and tracks after a short delay, but it is pretty accurate.

The system is still under process and the team is working on modifying it to track multiple gazes and to even understand the eye movement inside glasses.

Via: NewScientist

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