The Fenn Robot – Cuddly homemade robot that is childlike inside

The Fenn robot

For the Maker Faire Bay Area, Ian Danforth has created a cuddly robot called The Fenn which is based on a character based on the fiction story of an alien planet that human civilization found. Designed especially for kids and how their actions prompt the robot to either go away or feel comfortable by showing the reaction via the animated eyes on the smartphone, The Fenn Robot is all set for its debut. It is fitted with a front facing camera, gyroscope, touch sensors and other nifty hardware for making the experience remember able for the end-user. It is more like a pet that is embodied with LED’s and software that gives the specific reaction like running away, cuddling close to the user or fetching the ball and bringing it back.

Currently Ian is building this robot and getting it ready for the maker Faire with all the last minute details also finished. Interestingly this robot is also equipped with sensors that gauge the touch of a hand on the skin like fabric which has never been done before in the field of robotics taking the robotic experience a notch higher. So do keep an eye on the Maker Faire 2013 which is only 15 days away and we will update more on this intuitive robot, The Fenn Robot at that time, until then enjoy the video.

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