DIY Smartphone Charger Powered by Fire is fit for adventure trips

DIY Smartphone Charger Powered by Fire

How many times have you come across a smartphone charger that vouches for portable charging credentials but is too costly for your pocket? This can be a catch 22 situation if you are an adventure freak and crave for exploring the nature’s glory 24×7. For this very reason Instructables user David Johansson created a smartphone charger that can charge up your smartphone or other power hungry gadgets with just fire. Yes, fire is the source of energy for the thermoelectric module called as the peltier element. Using his wits David came up with the DIY Smartphone Charger Powered by Fire (thermoelectric generator) that charges your devices by getting the fire power from gas, charcoal, burner, candle light, camp fire, wood stove, spirit burner or even tea light.

David has tried to make this small little device as portable as he could possibly do and has adjustable voltage option to work with a wide variety of gadgets. Although it is not a full proof solution to your gadget charging woes but still comes in handy for times when even portable charger lose their juice out in the treacherous woods. You can follow the complete instructions on making the Smartphone Charger Powered by Fire over at Instructables.

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