Dew Motion iStick Playtime smart watch controls iPhone inside the pocket

smart watch

There are rarely any real drawbacks of iPhones and Android phones when it comes to daily life routines, but when it comes to outdoors, amid an action sport, smartphone becomes a problem to use, but with Dew Motion iStick Playtime – a new smart watch you can use to control the iPhone (coming soon for Android) the problem may just be resolved. The iStick Playtime, from Dew Motion lets you control most of the features and apps on the iPhone (include calls) from the wrist-worn joystick-controlled device.  Using SIRI, the device also lets you navigate through the iPhone menu and apps using voice commands.

The iStick Playtime smart watch has speakers and microphone built-in, it connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth 4.0 and let you make or answer calls. The really thin and flexible iStick Playtime is scratch resistant and waterproof to about three feet. Being rugged enough to work efficiently in as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit, the watch is ready for any adventure.

iStick Playtime is on crowdfunding site indiegogo and will sell anywhere between $150 to $175 when it comes into production. We know you’ve liked the smart watch too, so show some support at indiegogo  and see the watch to control your iPhone for real soon.

smart watch

smart watch

smart watch

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