Build your own Roboarna robot to get cola from vending machines without ever spending a penny!

As a kid you always look at the beverage vending machine and wonder that how cool it would be to get all of those displayed colas, juices and aerated drinks without ever spending a penny. A whiz kid always dreamt the same and set out on making a beverage vending machine hacker robot called Roboarna which guarantees him free thirst quenching for the rest of his life. With an avid liking for making DIY stuff, this kid from France calls himself [ioduremetallique] and even shows you how to make one for yourself at home. The robotic hand like vending machine hacker easily get you free cola and soft drinks in under five minutes time and the only requirement is that no one sees you doing so or the cops catch you while doing it.

Roboarna robot beverage vending machine hacker

His new invention, the Roboarna robot is a pretty interesting make and you can tinker around for your own creations too in case you think that you are smarter than this French kid. To follow the complete instructions on how to make your own Roboarna robot version jump straight over to his website.



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