Neck Cooling and Massager keep you cool in scorching summers

Neck Cooling and Massager

Summers are fast approaching and the shear heat of the Sun is going to take a toll on your daily routine as you go looking for fresh cool air amidst the burning hot climatic conditions. As you would like to keep in the cool or inside the air conditioned environment to keep heat at bay, what are you going to do when you are out in the scorching sun? Probably take an umbrella or wear some sunscreen. But even better you could have your own personal air-conditioner around the neck to keep the whole body cool this summer. Thanko Japan has released a Neck Cooling and Massager (Cool USB Neck) that blow cool air into your neck and surrounding areas for that fresh feeling. It has small fans that provide the relieving cooling effect even in the hottest days of this summer.

With a two way air flow effect the user can wear it around the neck and switch it on to feel fresh again, anywhere, anytime. This product is very effective in preventing heat stroke. Neck Cooling and Massager is operated via 2 AAA battery packs and can be charged via the USB port. If you want you can keep it near you plugged into the USB for air even when you are not wearing it. The neck cooler weights around 195 grams and is good for neck size of about 19 cm. To buy one of these cool products for 1980 Yen ($ 20) you can jump straight over to product page.



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