Innovative in-car music with Logitech FM transmitter with lightening connector

We all love listening to music while driving or enjoying a ride sitting in the back seat. The music experience is set to be enhanced with the new – one of a kind, FM transmitter with Lightening connector from Logitech. Set to be launched in Japan in June, the device can connect with iPhone 5, fifth-generation iPod Touch and seventh-generation Nano. At 4,870 Yen (approximately $48) the Logitech LAT-FMIB03, FM transmitter and lightening connector sticks to any 12V, 24V cigarette socket of the car for power and delivers deep bass boost to amply music inside the car – the preferences can be controlled from a single touch of a button.

The Logitech device is authenticated product to be used with Apple products, so you can use it without fear with your iPhone to iPod touch. What’s best is the device can be used to charge the iPhone/iPod and works alike with music and navigation apps. The device has six channels, selection indicated with a LED light. The Logitech LAT-FMIB03 will be available in Black and Silver colors to choose from.

Via: Logitech



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