Unbreakable Walking Stick Umbrella that you can swing like a baseball bat for self-defense

Unbreakable Walking Stick Umbrella

Walking out on the streets on cold dark stormy nights can attract attention of thugs and anti-social elements no matter what. So you definitely need a self-defense weapon to tackle any kind of situation. But a self-defense weapon is not that readily available to all and carrying something that doesn’t look like a self-defense weapon but actually is, always pays-off. Unbreakable Walking Stick Umbrella by Real Self-defense (designed by Thomas Kurtz) is an unbreakable umbrella that can really help you out in odd situations where you need to protect yourself, no matter what.

Unbreakable Walking Stick Umbrella is made from state-of-the-art plastics, steel, high strength aluminum and fibers that make it light-weight than other standard umbrellas and lasts a lifetime. The high end version of the umbrella costs $230 which might sound a lot, but is perfect to carry around to feel safe. Unbreakable Walking Stick Umbrella is shipped worldwide and you can check out the purchase portal links (location specific) at the product page itself.




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