ImmerSight glasses HMD simulates physical movement in virtual world

If you have always wanted the real dimension of the virtual world to come to life, here is your chance to experience it for real with the ImmerSight glasses head mounted display. Developed by ImmerSight an offshoot of the University of Ulm, Germany, the ImmerSight glasses is perhaps the world’s first system for virtual reality, which creates spatial perception using high-levels of immersion in order to bring real dimensions of VR to life. What’s even exciting about these pentagonal ImmerSight glasses is that they are suitable for mobile applications too. ImmerSight glasses will be on display at Hannover Messe 2013.

The ImmerSight glasses system comes complete with PaletteCAD architecture software, which can be used with any standard notebook and allows the interior designs to be viewed live in the planning process on the website. Weighing as light as 100g, the ImmerSight sensor ring allows the user to take intuitively simulate actual steps and sideways movement in the virtual environment.

The entire process is made possible by the use of a 60fps camera suspending above the user. The camera tracks the cotton balls on the ImmerSight sensor ring and with the help of a computer the movement of the head is tracked. It’s marvelous to note that the user can navigate far more in the virtual environment than in physical movement.

Via: RoadtoVR



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